Posted on Nov 9, 2020

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The home features that people desire have evolved throughout the years and home design continues to change to reflect the preferences of homeowners. Although it was once considered as crucial, a formal living room these days is no longer considered necessary. People these days know very well what they want to have in their new custom home.

Top 5 Features In A New Custom Home
The National Association of Home Builders said buyers prefer the following custom home features:

Lots of storage – having too much is not enough when it comes to storage especially when it comes to walk in closets in bedrooms. A guest closet and a different family closet close to the back door or the garage are preferred, as well as an organized drop and gather alcove close to the back door. Another favorite among new homeowners are walk in kitchen pantries as well as easy attic access.
Separate Laundry Room – homeowners love a space that can serve multiple functions. They want to be able to sort their dirty laundry and also fold clean clothes.
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