Posted on Jun 8, 2021

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You can easily buy a production home but a custom built home will require you to be more involved in the construction process. The latter is a major project that will require a lot of your time, effort, and money.

A custom built home needs to be planned in advance and of course requires active involvement on your end. It involves several actions or steps that will require your decisions and participation from looking for your dream lot to designing, defining, as well as building your dream custom home. You don’t need all these when you purchase a production home.

A custom built home Myrtle Beach is planned, selected and designed ahead of time. That’s why a custom home takes longer to complete than a production home.

Steps Involved In Constructing and Custom Built Home
Fashion Your Dream Custom Home

Before the construction starts, you need to have ideas of what your perfect home looks like. Find and collect pictures and tear sheets from magazines. Visit complete custom homes and talk to an interior designer. Start to outline your preferences regarding the room function, architectural design, style elements, lifestyle requirements, as well as product features.

Hire A Team

The next thing to do is assemble your team of experts. Hire an architect first and then custom home builders Myrtle Beach. Ask for recommendations including lenders, local realtors, building associations, as well as friends who may have had a new custom built home.
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