Posted on Jul 5, 2021

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There are three types of home builders that you can choose from if you’re looking to build a house. These are custom home builders Myrtle Beach, spec builders, and he tract builders. There are several aspects that set each builder apart. However, you need to consider certain factors to make sure that you’re investing in the kind of home that will suit your budget, preference, and stage of life.

Spec Vs. Tract Vs. Custom Home Builders Myrtle Beach
Tract Home Builders

Tract new home builders purchase large tracts of lands where they build subdivisions that commonly provide a choice of three floor plans. Although the buyer will only have a little say on the hone design other than a basic floor plan, the tract houses are cheaper compared to the spec homes or the custom home builds. Plus, they also have a shorter timeline.

Another benefit to hiring tract builders is that they have built dozens and even hundreds of homes so they often search for proven and durable building materials that can help speed up the new home construction while boosting the energy efficiency of the house. So, if you want complete control over your dream home, you have to hire a custom home builder Myrtle Beach. If you prefer lower costs and faster construction, then a tract home builder will be a great fit.
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